Wrist Cuff Key Holder

Wrist Cuff Key Holder If you are a walker or jogger this wrist cuff key holder is perfect for you.  It fits snugly around the wrist and the zippered pouch is the perfect size to carry a key.  You can even make it wider if you would like to carry ID and a little money.  This super simple pattern makes carrying a few necessities easy and hands free.  Add some fusible vinyl to make this project water resistant. What you {Read More}

Perfect Picnic Patterns

Perfect Picnic Patterns Perfect Picnic Patterns.  There is nothing like dining outside whether it is a picnic at the park or having fine beach eats with the waves crashing and the sun shining.  With some inspiration from Simply Sewing magazine, I have put together a few perfect picnic patterns to make dining al fresco easy and fun. Roll Up Picnic Blanket One of the main items to make your picnic neat and tidy is a roll up, easy to carry {Read More}

Easy to Make Adorable Toddler Dress

Easy to Make Adorable Toddler Dress I saw this cute easy to make dress in simply sewing magazine and thought to share it with you.  This is an easy to make adorable toddler dress that comes in three different sizes.  I used fabrics I had in my stash to make this dress so large sized remnants will definitely work.  If you have a little girl in your life that you would like to make a cute as a button dress {Read More}

Easy DIY Drawstring Backpack

Easy DIY Drawstring Backpack With summer just around the corner I thought to create a super easy DIY drawstring backpack that is perfect to take on trips, to the beach, or to that dreaded summer class.  This is an advanced beginner project if you add the zipper pocket but otherwise any beginner can sew this bag in just a few hours. What you will Need: 3/4 yd exterior fabric 3/4 yd lining fabric 1 yd fusible interfacing (Optional) 1 12″ zipper {Read More}

Easy DIY Car Trash Bag

Easy DIY Car Trash Bag I have a very small car and was in desperate need of someplace to put my car trash like the paper wrappings from straws I get in the drive through so I decided to make an easy DIY car trash bag that even a novice sewer can make.  It takes just a few remnants or fat quarters and a little bit of time to keep your car looking trash free. What you will Need: 2 {Read More}

Mail Pouch Tablet Travel Case

Mail Pouch Tablet Travel Case I found this terrific fabric by Tim Holtz that replicates airmail stamps and it reminded me of mailing a letter to a far off land so I thought I would make pouch with a strap for my iPad that represents a letter.  Needless to say my idea wasn’t original.  While researching additional fabrics, I came across a design over at the Coats and Clark website that was really cute and reasonably easy to make that {Read More}

Easy Padded Sewing Machine Cover

Easy Padded Sewing Machine Cover Here is my easy padded sewing machine cover.  I thought I would use my bag making skills to create this super simple sewing machine cover that anyone with basic sewing skills can create.  There is nothing complicated here. Just measure, cut, create.  Embellish this gem anyway you like to make it totally your own. What you will Need: 1 yd exterior fabric 1 yd lining fabric 1 yd double sided fusible foam 1 package pre-made or self-made bias piping {Read More}

St. Patrick’s Padded Pocket Rosary Pouch

St. Patrick’s Padded Pocket Rosary Pouch St. Patrick’s day is just around the corner and most of us forget that the day is a solemn religious holiday that commemorates the death of St. Patrick.  So for this occasion I decided to make a St. Patrick’s Padded Pocket Rosary Pouch that you can use all year round to carry your rosary and your pocket rosary prayer book with you wherever you go. This is a simple beginners sewing project so I {Read More}

Winter Hat and Scarf

Winter Hat and Scarf Every now and then my affiliate Joann’s offers patterns for 99 cents each.  I found an easy to make winter hat and infinity scarf pattern from Simplicity that fit my needs perfectly and it only took an evening to make both pieces.  The pattern is Simplicity 8036 and consists of four rectangles and a trapezoid and is created for knit fabrics only.  I chose depiction “B” to create for you. What you will Need: Pattern 7/8 {Read More}

Perfect Coupon Organizer

Perfect Coupon Organizer Now that January is upon us we think of the money we have spent and the possible savings we can have for the upcoming year so I thought to create this easy to sew Perfect Coupon Organizer.  As a couponer myself this will come in handy since my old one needs to be replaced.  This organizer requires just basic sewing skills and comes together in no time. What you will Need: Pattern 1/2 yd. Exterior fabric or {Read More}

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