Upcycle Dollar Store Range Covers

Upcycle Dollar Store Range Covers I love upcycling.  Making something useful out of something inexpensive or unused.  During one of my forays into the dollar store I came across some round range burner covers, two for a dollar that I thought were perfect for upcycling.  Using some other dollar store items and a few craft store purchases it was easy to create these usable items for very little money.  With a little creativity and a few dollars you can also {Read More}

DIY Mannequin Pin Cushion

DIY Mannequin Pin Cushion I came up with the idea to make a DIY mannequin pin cushion for my sewing room.  I really thought it was a cute original idea until I saw this terrific pattern and video on the DIYdish.  Rather than using the pattern I managed to eek out using a jewelry model I have and that you have seen in previous photos I decided to use the one from DIYdish with a link to that site and {Read More}

How to Make Marbled Mugs

How to Make Marbled Mugs  Talk about instant gratification.  This mug marbling project is exactly that.  Pretty up some boring white mugs with any color you like with this simple and very fast marbling project.  These mugs add that little bit of extra color that every home decor needs. This tutorial will show you how to make marbled mugs or any other plain white project from white to bright. What you will Need Mugs Nail Polish Toothpicks Disposable container Wax {Read More}

Cute Little Gift Boxes

Cute Little Gift Boxes These are tiny little gift boxes for tiny little things.  You can enlarge the pattern to any size you like so long as you can find card stock to match.  I used 12 x 12 for my mini version of these fun little boxes.  Choose a Holiday patterned paper if you like or one that is birthday themed.  Either way, they are just too cute for words so I hope you give them a try. What {Read More}

Plant Mason Jar Succulents

Plant Mason Jar Succulents My son is moving into his first place and I wanted him to have a live plant.  Knowing how irresponsible he can be about watering plants, I thought succulents would be the ideal option so I combined my love of mason jars with planting a variety of small succulent plants purchased from my local garden shop. With this easy to follow tutorial, you too can plant mason jar succulents.   What you will Need: 1 Large {Read More}

St. Patrick’s Day Gumball Machine

St. Patrick’s Day Gumball Machine Here is an update on the adorable St. Valentine’s Day Gumball Machine I posted earlier.  The steps for this St. Patrick’s Day Gumball Machine are essentially the same but the decorations make this machine perfect for the St. Patrick’s Day Holiday Season.  I absolutely love this project and I hope you do too.  As usual, I obtained all of the products I used for this project at my affiliate and local Joann’s store What You {Read More}

DIY Gumball Machine

DIY Gumball Machine Here is a terrific holiday customizeable faux DIY Gumball Machine. This is a crafter’s favorite. So easy and inexpensive to make. What you Will Need: DIY Gumball Machine 1 Terracotta Flower pot — whatever size you want your machine to be (Affiliate) 2 small Terracotta saucers — again depending on the size of your pot  (Affiliate) 1 medium terracotta saucer — again depending on the size of your pot  (Affiliate) 1 plain glass bowl — again depending on the {Read More}

Valentine’s Wreath

Valentine’s Wreath Here is my version of this year’s Valentine’s wreath.  The wreath cost very little to make but it did take a little bit of time.  I used scraps of fabric and a metal wreath frame I purchased for $1 at the dollar store.  Once it was finished I decided that it was well worth the time.  I hope you do too. What you will Need: Heart Pattern Small metal wreath form Scraps of fabric in reds and whites {Read More}

Clean Smelling Beeswax Candles

Clean Smelling Beeswax Candles Now that winter is fully upon us and we are shut in from the cold, I thought I would share a terrific recipe for clean smelling beeswax candles that brighten your home in those gloomy days of winter.  You can make them clean and fresh using only the beeswax or add a little essential oil in the scent of your choice. For this winter project the clean honey scent of natural beeswax is perfect. What you {Read More}

Clear Glass Christmas Ornaments

Clear Glass Christmas Ornaments You can purchase clear glass Christmas ornaments at any craft store and turn them into something terrific for your tree.  Here are a few ideas to change your clear glass Christmas ornaments into something special. Ornament 1: Clear Glass Christmas Ornaments Santa: What you will Need: Clear Glass Christmas Ornaments Several Lengths of Red Ribbon A short Length of Black Ribbon Small Amount of White Paint Glue like e6000 Santa: What to do: Take several pieces {Read More}

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