Slouchy Hobo Bag

Slouchy Hobo Bag As you all know, I love to make bags and this is a super easy slouchy hobo bag that is perfect for the summer or anytime.  I used a grey twill for one side of this bag and a home decorator weight fabric for the other side and the lining.  I did not interface this bag because I wanted that slouchy look.  If you decide to use a quilting weight fabric you might want to interface it {Read More}

Mini Party Poppers

Mini Party Poppers It is time for summer parties to abound.  Whether it is a Sunday picnic or a 4th of July bar-b-que there is always room for mini party poppers.  You can make these simple little poppers to contain confetti or sweat treats but they will liven up any party and they are really simple to make. Just cut out the pattern and roll up the paper and you have a wonderful festive touch you can add to any {Read More}

Wrist Cuff Key Holder

Wrist Cuff Key Holder If you are a walker or jogger this wrist cuff key holder is perfect for you.  It fits snugly around the wrist and the zippered pouch is the perfect size to carry a key.  You can even make it wider if you would like to carry ID and a little money.  This super simple pattern makes carrying a few necessities easy and hands free.  Add some fusible vinyl to make this project water resistant. What you {Read More}

July 4th Party Fun

July 4th Party Around the Web It is almost time to celebrate the birth of our nation on July 4th.  It is a day of bar-b-ques and merrymaking, fireworks and patriotism.  I thought it appropriate to search the web for some great ideas for hosting a fun July 4th party of your very own from apparel to decorations, food and games.  I hope you enjoy these great finds and visit some of these other websites for additional great ideas. Apparel  This {Read More}

Upcycle Dollar Store Range Covers

Upcycle Dollar Store Range Covers I love upcycling.  Making something useful out of something inexpensive or unused.  During one of my forays into the dollar store I came across some round range burner covers, two for a dollar that I thought were perfect for upcycling.  Using some other dollar store items and a few craft store purchases it was easy to create these usable items for very little money.  With a little creativity and a few dollars you can also {Read More}

DIY Fabric Storage Bucket

DIY Fabric Storage Bucket What you will Need: 1/2 yd. Heavy weight canvass fabric 1/2 yd. Lining fabric 1/2 yd. Medium weight interfacing 28″ Length of leather strapping 4 Rivets Standard sewing supplies Step 1: DIY Fabric Storage Basket Cut a length of fabric as large as you want your bucket to be.  I cut mine 31.5″ x 10.5″.  Cut a lining piece and a piece of interfacing the same size.  You can make these buckets any size you want. {Read More}

DIY Mannequin Pin Cushion

DIY Mannequin Pin Cushion I came up with the idea to make a DIY mannequin pin cushion for my sewing room.  I really thought it was a cute original idea until I saw this terrific pattern and video on the DIYdish.  Rather than using the pattern I managed to eek out using a jewelry model I have and that you have seen in previous photos I decided to use the one from DIYdish with a link to that site and {Read More}

DIY Travel Neck Pillow

DIY Travel Neck Pillow I will be taking a long awaited trip to Ireland this summer so I thought I would make myself a DIY travel neck pillow to take on the plane.  This is a super simple project that any beginner can make and can be sewn in a matter of minutes.  I have included a tutorial and a pattern for this easy to make project.  I hope you give it a try whether you are traveling by plane, {Read More}

How to Make Marbled Mugs

How to Make Marbled Mugs  Talk about instant gratification.  This mug marbling project is exactly that.  Pretty up some boring white mugs with any color you like with this simple and very fast marbling project.  These mugs add that little bit of extra color that every home decor needs. This tutorial will show you how to make marbled mugs or any other plain white project from white to bright. What you will Need Mugs Nail Polish Toothpicks Disposable container Wax {Read More}

Easy to Make Adorable Toddler Dress

Easy to Make Adorable Toddler Dress I saw this cute easy to make dress in simply sewing magazine and thought to share it with you.  This is an easy to make adorable toddler dress that comes in three different sizes.  I used fabrics I had in my stash to make this dress so large sized remnants will definitely work.  If you have a little girl in your life that you would like to make a cute as a button dress {Read More}

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