FALL APPLIQUE BURLAP TABLE RUNNER It is the Fall season and Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  I thought I would create this fun and relatively easy to make fall applique burlap table runner.  All you need is a computer, some remnant fall fabrics, some brown felt and a 2 yd or longer piece of burlap and you are ready to go.  I will include the templates that I used for my runner in this tutorial.  Lets get started. What {Read More}

Perfect Holiday Wine Tote

Perfect Holiday Wine Tote   The holiday season is coming. Like many people I like to give wine as gifts and this year I have made my own wine totes to go along with the gifts of wine.  these wine totes are super easy to make and require just a little bit of fabric and some interfacing.  You can use any fabric you like but I chose a cut little pumpkin print for the upcoming Halloween and Thanksgiving seasons.  This {Read More}

Delicious Apple Pie Bites

Delicious Apple Pie Bites I came across this recipe from the Blond Cook and Pillsbury and had to share it with you.  These delicious apple pie bites are so simple to make and so yummy I really encourage you to give them a try.  They take just a few ingredients and thirty minutes of your time and you have a terrific warm apple bite sized treat. What you will need: Original can of Pillsbury crescent rolls 1 small granny smith {Read More}

Create New Looks From Old Jeans

Create New Looks From Old Jeans Create new looks from old jeans. There are so many things you can create from old jeans that I thought I would take some time and show you how to create some really fun and fashionable items from old jeans.  Between me, my husband and my son we have a few pair of old jeans so I set my sights on creating a few different projects with everyone in mind. For this series, all {Read More}

Transform Dated Furniture Using Paint

Transform Dated Furniture Using Paint Transform dated furniture using paint.  I love painted furniture.  I have learned some tips and tricks over the years that ensures a great painted finish to any furniture project.  In this project, I took a dated buffet side board and turned into a terrific 50’s inspired TV cabinet that I absolutely love.  My inspiration was a bit of vintage fabric I had on hand that I really love but am afraid to cut.  It brightens my {Read More}

Free DIY Passport Wallet Pattern

Free DIY Passport Wallet Pattern I am taking my first ever vacation with my husband alone to Ireland and decided to create this easy to make and free DIY passport wallet pattern to carry both of my passports, my identification and credit cards as well as my phone and money all in one place.  I was amazed at just how easy this pattern came together and how little time it took to make.  I hope that you will think the {Read More}

Terracotta Pot Wind Chimes

Terracotta Pot Wind Chimes I love the look and sound of wind chimes though they drive my husband crazy.  Still, I thought I would give you my take on the terracotta pot wind chimes.  They are super easy to make and can be decorated however you would like.  I chose a bumble bee theme for mine. What you will Need: 3-4 terracotta pots in graduated sizes.  I used three from the smallest to medium sized Beads with a large hole. {Read More}

DIY Three Ring Binder Pencil Case

DIY Three Ring Binder Pencil Case School is about to start so I thought I would create a tutorial on how to make a simple diy three ring binder pencil case that any child or teen can use for the upcoming school year without fear that it will come apart at the seams.  The best part about this project is choosing the fabric.  There are so many to choose from but you know me, I usually have a remnant on {Read More}

Tassel USB Key Chain

Tassel USB Key Chain I am always forgetting to charge the tablet I carry in my purse so I found the perfect idea courtesy of urban outfitters to solve this problem.  The Tassel USB Key Chain is the perfect solution to my charging woes.  It is easy to make and requires just a few items you may already have on hand.  This tutorial will walk you step by step on how to make this easy but very useful item and {Read More}

DIY Pacifier Clips

DIY Pacifier Clips My husband’s cousin is going to have a baby next week so I thought I would make these terrific DIY Pacifier Clips for her.  I am confident that they will come in handy and they are so easy to make.  Just ribbon or scrap fabric, some snaps and mitten clips and you are ready to go. What you will Need: Ribbon and/or scrap fabric Plastic Snaps and Snap Tool Mitten Clips Fray Check Pacifiers Standard Sewing Supplies {Read More}

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